March 25, 2010 Letter From the Farmer!


Dear Farm Box Share Holders and Malibu Community Members:

Happy Springtime.  With some quick coolness, greater humidity, and overcast skies, we are experiencing just now “the lamb part” of the old saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!”

Our local, organic avocados are back in season so look for them in your fruit bags as substitutes for some of the local citrus.  Vital Zuman Salad bags, reflecting the Spring, become more abundant and diverse.  Tall, Italian parsley, large and robust endive, parsnips, and baby carrots are some of the new Vital Zuman fresh-harvested salad bag ingredients now beginning to appear.  Look also for our luscious Thai Guavas in your boxes. These beautiful, feral guavas form the base of many a local morning juice drink with a distinct, all-natural, mineral rush.

The Vital Zuman soil still a little cold, we are yet beginning our Summer vegetable seed and starter planting.  Students from Malibu High school, Agoura High school, and Crossroads school, along with three resident WWOOFERS and some excellent solo day volunteers have been, the last few weekends, faithfully clearing planting areas with machetes, grass whips, broadswords, and weedwackers, and then covering them with aged organic compost for rototilling. The large, nutritious, planting beds they are creating will be soon be home to starts of Heirloom Tomatoes, Zucchinis, Japanese Kuri Squash, Melons, Peppers just to name a few!

Again normal volunteer times here at the farm are Fridays 3-5 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm.  Yet, especially at this time of the year, with prior notice and agreement, we are happy to arrange many other times weekly for our instructive, internationally famous volunteer sessions. Our Farm Market is open seven days a week (with few exceptions) 10am to 5pm. Thank you for your faithful support!  See you up here!


Your Farmer,

Alan G. Cunningham


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