Recently Someone Contacted us with a Question about Bee’s in their Yard: Perhaps you have encountered this problem or know of someone who is facing this issue right now…


I know you (Vital Zuman Farm) have honey. Do you need bees? We have a HUGE nest in one of our orange trees. We want to remove it because it’s right next to my kids play set, but we don’t want to kill the bees. If you don’t want them, do you know anyone who does? We’re in Tarzanna.

Answer from the Vital Zuman Official Farmer:

It’s a common question for us this time of year with hives splitting off and looking for new homes. Unfortunately, no beekeepers I know of, including our own, will take feral hives as they are all somewhat hybridized with the African bee population that began moving north from South America about three decades ago.  Suggest you contact your local fire department ; if they can’t/don’t handle it, I bet they have some good suggestions.


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