Thank You Crossroads Volunteers!


This past Friday April 9, 2010 a group of 6th grade friends from Crossroads School in Santa Monica,  gathered together to perform some community service.

This group of boys have to perform 10 hours of community service per school year, and since most of them play sports their time is limited on weekends and during the week. The boys mom, Leslie Ward, whom organized the trip “chose Vital Zuman farm because I wanted the boys to step out of their box and really connect with whatever organization they were “serving”. What better way than to get your hands dirty and see where food actually comes from?”

They enjoyed a tour given by Kazi, Vital Zumans Manager and also Alan took some time to explain organic farming and to give a history of Zuman. Leslie’s son, mentioned “that one of his favorite things about the day was knowing that he was helping out on a family owned farm, more of a “mom & pop” operation, than just some big charitable organization. He liked the feeling of being connected to an actual community.”

After the tour the kids engaged in planting Chiquita Fig Plant Starters!

Thank you all for your hard work! We hope to see this group of gentleman back soon! Look at all their hard work below!


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