Thank you to our full weekend volunteer Renee Montgomery!


Here are some thoughts Renee shared with us about the past weekend volunteering at the farm:

“During my first weekend at Vital Zuman, I learned that the farm has two guiding principles:

1) Sharing your abundance:  if everyone were generous with that which they’re blessed, the world’s resources could be spread a lot further, and

2) Permaculture.  farming in harmony with the native ecology.

Today I saw two charming sights affirming these ideals.  While seeding coreopsis in the lettuce patch, there was a fresh gopher hole with a bib lettuce leaf poking out. The little guy had pulled it half way into his den.  Very cute. I hollered “We know you’re in there.”  Allan, who doesn’t kill the animals, said he’s actually seen foliage mysteriously start shaking, then all of a sudden be pulled down under by a gopher by the roots, like in an old cartoon.

Then when Marco and I were clearing wood stumps so Allan could roto-till the area, we found a nest of newborn mice.  They were located in the hollow of a desiccated stump in a perfectly formed, soft little nest.  Marco and I left that stump alone.  I felt like I’d walked into two scenes drawn by Beatrix Potter.  If you want an awe-inspiring time in nature, with experiences you didn’t think existed anymore, spend a morning at Vital Zuman Farm.”

We hope you enjoy her words as much as we did!


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