Your Local Farmer and Forager


We are so lucky to often have our local farmers and forager supply Vital Zuman with their harvest of organic fruits and vegetables.

Recently we had Alan Goddard bring us his delicious Avocados from his farm called “Goddard’s Grove” in Somis, CA.

We had Kerry Clasby, an intuitive forager, from Westlake Village, CA deliver us delicious Pink Lady Apples and sweet Butternut Squash.

And we had Mary Walston, the owner of a 10 acre farm on Ramirez Canyon in Malibu, CA deliver us an abundant amount of tangerines. Mary’s farm was started in the 1950’s by her step mom Alice Kate. This family was the 1st people to buy property on Ramirez Canyon.

We can look forward to having the wonderful contributors back to share their harvests with us!

And you can also contribute to our farm and be compensated with cash or Vital Zuman Produce! You dont have to be an “official” farm/farmer either!  See the below flier for details!


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