Thank You Summit View High School


What a fantastic time Vital Zuman had with the 10th graders from Summit View School!

On Friday morning they arrived at Vital Zuman. The students had just finished reading Fast Food Nation and watching the movie Food Inc. and now were embarking on research papers. As part of their agriculture education their teacher, Tina, contacted Vital Zuman, and in no time they cam to visit!

Vital Zuman gives many school tours, but not all teachers and students ask to volunteer, this wasnt the case with the Summit Valley students. And Boyyy, did we have work for them to do and what a great job they did with all their tasks!

After the tour the class divided into 3 groups, some harvested radishes, some collected devils claws and some moved and distributed steer manure to our fig tree orchard.

Then they had lunch and then they HELPED more!

They helped us load many pots with soil which we will soon sell filled with starter plants!

Your hard work isappreciated greatly by Vital Zuman and all its future clients who will buy the radishes you harvested, future figs, and many potted plants! Summit Valley come back soon!

And we encourage more schools to visit too!


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