Vital Zuman at MANY Malibu Events this past weekend!


WoW What a weekend it was for us at Vital Zuman partaking in many Community Events!

On Saturday we were at the Chamber of Commerce Eco Festival at Cross Creek Shopping Mall!

We sold many of our honey, jams and pickles, and spoke to many about what we do at Vital Zuman Farm. As a volunteer, I enjoy sharing my experience at the farm anyone interested! Along with talking to individuals about our farm, we were also able to talk with many other eco companies located near and far from Malibu. Its exciting to see so many people conscious about the prosperity of a healthy, green future!

On Sunday we were at the opening of the MAlibu Farmers Market! It was hard to stop smiling as the day progressively grew more and more people.  You will be able to find us at the Malibu Farmers Market Every Sunday Now! We are so excited for this. And we Thank the Conucopia Foundation for working so hard to make the Malibu Farmers MArket happen! I believe I can speak for so many in thanking them!

And if you stopped by at any of our booths this weekend, THANK YOU!! We loved to talk with all of you! And please if you are new to learning about the farm feel free to blog us any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.. Hope to see you soon again!


One Response to “Vital Zuman at MANY Malibu Events this past weekend!”

  1. Martian Says:

    I usually dont post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. Kind regards from france

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