Brooks Collard Greens with Bacon and Corn Recipe


Yesterday a customer named Mac stopped by at our market looking for a few bags of collard greens. My curious self, as always, was interested with how he would prepare the collard greens. After being embarrassed for asking him if he was going to juice the collards for a green drink (which I do), he quickly asserted that it would be “an injustice to greens”! After he was so kind to share the Collard Greens recipe he got from Brooks Restaurant in Ventura.

Brooks Collard Green Recipe (in parenthesis my vegan cooking method):

What You will Need:

Large pot

Large skillet

2 Large bunches Vital Zuman fresh picked organic collards

Thick cut bacon cooked cut into thumb nail size pieces – KEEP THE RENDERED FAT! Mac uses a thick cut, grain fed, humanely raised smoked bacon (olive oil)

1 large ear organic sweet corn fut from the cob

1 large organic red sweet bell pepper finely diced

Coarse ground kosher sea salt

Coarse ground black pepper

How to Make it:

1) Get a pot of salted water boiling hard  or you can use chicken stock for added flavor (vegetable stock- I prefer the Imagine Brand)

2) V.Z. Organic Collards washed and cut into roughly 2″x2″ pieces

3) Boil the collards for 5 minutes (no longer than 6)- takes out the bitter but retains the crisp texture

4) Immediately shock the collards in a ice bath

5) Bacon Fat heated very hot in a large skillet (olive oil)

6) Throw in the collards, corn, red bell pepper and bacon pieces (mushrooms substitute for bacon)

7) Cook just long enough to get the whole thing hot

8) Pinch salt and pepper to your liking – I also like to squeeze fresh lemon wedge over it.

*Mac was going to eat this with a tri-tip steak. ( barbeque tofu)

Enjoy! And Thank you Mac for sharing this delicious recipe!

Stop at Vital Zuman to get your fresh organic collard greens! Let us know how the recipe turns out for you! Or feel free to post any questions!


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