Certified ‘Organic’ in your own backyard….


The certification process for the American farmer involves considerable expense, paperwork, and a three-year transition period (during which they may sell their produce under a label which display’s the produce’s status as ‘transitional’). Larger farmers have an advantage over smaller farmers because of the costs, learning curve, and considerable paperwork associated with the transition to organic. (There is a certification exemption, however, for farmers whose annual gross income from sales is less than $5000).

Products you see at the farmer’s market that are labeled organic may not have been put under the scrutiny of the USDA. It depends on the profitability of the farm. The USDA only inspects organizations that have more than $5,000 in gross income. Thus, a man that has a few apple trees in his backyard that he does not spray with pesticides can write “organic” on their price tag without much worry….



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