In the Shoes of Volunteer Renee…


May 1st: Today I harvested baby romaine, endive, kale, and other greens for the Malibu Farmers Market.  Then I watered “Marco’s (another volunteer) zucchini” and the summer squash —  only the stupid hose (actually four hoses connected) kept coming apart.  Afterwards I watched the store while Alan roto-tilled.  My favorite part was standing soaking
wet in the field alone in Zuma Mesa, watching the wind quiver through the fig trees.  It’s time in history for a Neo-Romantic movement where people take inspiration from the extreme elements of nature.
–renee montgomery–

(picture above of Alan-VZ owner- walking ahead of  Renee)

Feel free to share your past experience at Vital Zuman Farm (pictures included- whether as a volunteer, visitor, or shopper! All thoughts welcome! Email me at


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