Vital Zuman Farm Sunday May 2nd… Sunshine all Around


To BEGIN, today I spent a beautiful day at the Malibu Farmers Market! What great results we are getting by bring Vital Zuman Farm to the community through the Farmers Market Channel! The sun was shinning and Maibu was out and about shopping, sampling the delicious produce, and supporting Vital Zuman!

While I was a busy bee selling away at the MAlibu Farmers market, Kazi- the GREAT farm manager was at Vital Zuman Farm managing the on-site busy VZ market stand AND directing many volunteers! Kazi filled me in on all the wonderful things happening on the farm. He told me that the volunteers today bedded out horse manure onto the top soil around many of our summer crops such as our tomatoes and summer squash! Also the volunteers hydrated our front field (what a HOT beautiful day)

Alsoo we are so happy to announce, THANKSSS to our great volunteers, that we have finished fertilizing with the steer manure all the VZ  trees in our side orchard! These trees are Persian Mulberry trees and our Famous Fig trees (did you know we have 250 fig trees on the property!!)


And here are some pictures of the progress of VZ east orchard  filled with rows of summer squash!

And our tomato plants!

VZ is so thankful for all the volunteer work, all of what you see and read about happening at Vital Zuman is a result in the great community involvement!


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