Don’t the nasturtiums along the shoulder of the 10 Freeway at Crenshaw look pretty?   Yes, and they taste good too, like in this pesto from a recipe provided by Vital Zuman Sustainable Farm, the only organic farm open to the public in Los Angeles County.

Nasturtiums are a good source of vitamin C, nasturtiums effectively treats infection, especially respiratory ailments like bronchitis, flu and colds.

Here is a recipe from the Vital Zuman Family:

Nasturtium Pesto


4 cups packed nasturtium leaves, flowers and small pieces of stem (Use only bright green nasturtium leaves and very fresh flowers. Older leaves aren’t as nutritious and don’t taste as vibrant.)

3-5 cloves garlic

1 1/2 cups olive oil

1 cup walnuts

2 drops Tabasco sauce

Himalayan Pink Salt to taste

Process all together in afood processor until smooth.

Makes two 8 oz jars of pesto, with some left over.

Try the pesto slathered on a baked potato, tossed with pasta, or simply served with crackers.


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