VZ at Malibu Farmers Market- Sunday, May 17


What a great experience it has been for Vital Zuman to be at the Malibu Farmers Market every Sunday! Every Sunday Kazi, VZ Farm Manager, and Marco, VZ Farm Volunteer, set up the booth at the Farmers Market. With their strength, they assemble a beautiful stand, which I then have the pleasure of decorating with all the VZ goodies we plan to sell at the market!  I greatly enjoy each moment being at the Farmers Market, selling VZ’s delicious salad bag, all sorts of greens such as our award selling brocollini with flowers, our citrus and locquates, and the FAMOUS VZ Honey! Yummm! I also love hearing from the community while at the market, whether it is what their favorite VZ produce is, or how they prepare VZ produce at home, how many times they have passed the farm by car or how many times they have visited the farm, and much more. I love telling those that stop by about their local VZ farm too!

While I am at the Farmers Market, Kazi and Marco, after kindly helping me set up the display, return to the VZ motherland and set up shop for a busy Sunday at the Vital Zuman Farmers Market open everyday (except Monday) to the community to buy VZ produce, along with other farmers local produce +organic pastures milk, Malibu Monkey lemonade, etc..

Both places are busy! VZ is Thankful for Sunday!


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