Interviewing the MALIBU MONKEY!


It all started with one sip! And I was hooked! I had never had Balsamic Lemonade, i dont really think anyone else I knew had too. And not only is this balsamic-lemonade infusion TASTY, DELICIOUS, but also it has one of the cleverest, funniest labels I have ever read! I felt compelled to get in touch with the clever man behind the product. After some emails back and forth Malibu Monkeys’, Matthew Gibbons, wrote me back! And answered, well how do I put it “in great detail” to my first question 🙂 I hope you enjoy  his thoughtful response as much as I did!

1) Reisha Fryzer: Why did you start Malibu Monkey lemonade? Was it really to raise money for your screen play?

1) Matthew Gibbons: Malibu Monkey is based on the sappy Dale Carnegie aphorism “When life gives you lemons… Make lemonade!” For 23 years I as a Malibuite have been oppressed by the traffic on PCH. It’s horrible, miserable and altogether shitty. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we are locked in our homes, and pushed off of our beaches and hiking trails as the whole of Los Angeles and Ventura County vomits onto our shores. All of the despicable cretins, riff-raff and scum of the city and valley clog our underdeveloped little country town. As they do with the federal government, they heave onto the backs of our underfunded public services, like sheriff, fire and lifeguard.

The benefit to private businesses – our restaurants, hotels, shops, services and vacation rentals – is just enough to keep us from stacking piles of used tires at Topanga, County Line, Malibu Canyon, Kanan Dume and Mulholland Hwy., and lighting them on fire.

For decades my resentment burned as brightly as those imagined tire fires, until one day, I got the idea – “Why not exploit the townies and vals for profit?!” And that’s when Malibu Monkey was born. Two summers ago, I emerged from my apartment on Billionaires’ Row with a large sign that read: “ICE COLD Balsamic Lemonade Basil Limeade $5”. But, there is more to the story…

I am, to be blunt, the best screenwriter in the world. I used to work in television, and was a writer for a local-emmy nominated sketch comedy show. I was well on my way to becoming a literary superstar, but then, sadly, I turned 27. That is the “sell by” date for TV writers, despite the fact that it is still safe to eat us up to two weeks afterwards. Since then I have been on a hero’s arc, an epic journey to re-break into showbiz, and claim the throne that stolen from me by the people whose show got picked up instead of mine. Nunc pro tunc. But seriously, the writers and cast of those other shows were scary talented. They deserved it. BUT STILL, THE THRONE IS MINE! MINE!!! MINE!!! MU-WA-HAHAHA!!!

So, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. Sell lemonade to the dehydrated punters on PCH, and publish a subversive, iconoclastic manifesto on the label. Some people ask, “if you want to be in showbiz so badly, why do you make fun of it on your label? Aren’t you afraid of pissing off powerful decision makers?” The answer is: NO. Lawyers love dirty lawyer jokes, doctors love dirty doctor jokes and Pollocks are too stupid to get it. Dumb fucking Pollocks…

The trick was, how do I angle my product to appeal to the NPR,, la.eater crowd? The very kind of pretentious, liberal, effete, erudite person who is marginally or directly associated with the entertainment industry? The answer – make it expensive to exclude the low-lifes, make it with high-quality ingredients, make it very, very good, and make it with an ingredient that is seems completely disparate to the uninitiated. Like, balsamic vinegar for lemonade and basil for limeade.

Common, middle-class people think that it might taste like salad dressing, so they pass. Poor  people can’t afford it, but they admire the effort of people standing in the hot sun selling a home-made product (like their tamales, corn-on-the-cob and fruit salad carts – aren’t immigrants delicious? Salt of the earth…) But aspirational showbiz wanabees, eclectic artists and uber-rich established industry insiders have the education, imagination and money to try it and buy it. That is exactly who I’m aiming for. The people who can recognize my genius, and benefit me, ME!!! MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Is the money I make going towards my indie film? Damn right. I’ve colelcted serval resumes from tradesmen, artists, musicians and actors. When I get enough money to make my movie, that will be the last dam lemon I ever squeeze in my life.

More to come…

Thank you Matthew for the interview and I hope to hear more from you in the coming months!

Now for those who read this and want some Malibu Monkey Lemonade, especially to drink over this Long Memorial Day Weekend, come to Vital Zuman and try some Balsamic Lemonade or the Limeade! Or visit the Malibu Monkey website to order some

Malibu Monkey Drinkers let me know what you think about the drink, BLOG BELOW!!


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