Wedding Paradise at Vital Zuman!


Vital Zuman is excited to host the marriage of Jared Fenton and Karen Hutchison, a WWOOFER from last Summer from in Timmins, ON., Canada! The wedding will take place on July 11th, in the Vital Zuman Outdoor amphetheater.

The engaged couple are working together with the Rev. Colette Swan ( ) to create a small intimate ceremony using celtic traditions. She will be bringing a second minister (Rev. Carole Catley) to assist in holding the cords and the quaich. We will start with sharing the quaich in a loving cup ceremony and the our hands will be bound using cords made from MacDonald clan ancient dress tartan.

“Thank you for letting us do this athe farm surrounded by the land and trees that I grew to love last summer.” -Karen

*****Also the couple is calling out for a gratis piper for the wedding. Anyone interested?? As the ritual goes the family will make a second quaich as it is traditional to give one to the piper after the wedding!!!!********

—–Vital Zuman encourages weddings and celebrations! VZ would be happy to host your event too!——–


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  1. eviana Says:

    nice organic

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