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Travels to Spain. While in Spain I had a strong desire to search out the farms around Marbella, the city in Spain I am staying in. I wonder why! Local Farms are my life ūüôā I wondered what the farmers grew here?! All I know is that Spain is famous for their Olive Oil! and I LOVE Olive Oil! I hoped to report back with my Spain agriculture findings!

And I did find one! A kind friend I made here in Marbella, Javier, ¬†took me to his home town Coin to visit a neighbors farm! And WOW what an experience I had! Cristobal Hevilla’s and his family owns this property.

(picture left to right: Cristobal and Javier)

Cristobal automatically welcomed me in and was eager to show me everything in his backyard! He told me how he divides his land into 2 parts. One side is the “Huerta” = plot of land dedicated to different fruit trees. The other side of land is for vegetation/ organized rows of crops. Most EVERYTHING they grow grows in California too! ¬†Such as zuchini, eggplants, tomatoes, salads, leeks, berries, figs, oranges, avocados, apple , plums, etc… Look at my pictures in the flickr file and all the produce is labeled! It is unbelievable to think that the small family cares for each tree, vegetable, and fruit, each day!

Following the tour Cristobal treated me to a glass of homemade SWEET orange juice and a wonderful tasting of their farm fruits, except for an added delicious small banana from the close in distance Canary Islands.

We also discussed the fact how Spain competes with the African produce comes right across the sea from Spain for much less. So they resort their main selling to local farmers markets and throught their farm box program! Just like Vital Zuman!

Finally we spoke about Vital Zuman Farm and La Familia Hevilla farm staying in touch, perhaps even through exchanging seeds! Who knows where the friendship will take us! At least I believe it will take me back to Spain again soon to visit La Familia Hevilla.

Follow the Hevilla family farm blog (but beware its in Spainsh!)

Thankful for one of the BEST farm tours of my life!


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