Secret Ingredient to Keep Pickles Crisp


Selina, a visiting customer today shared with me a secret of how to keep your pickles supper crisp. Add a fresh grape leave inside the pickle jar! Vital Zuman just made a batch of beautiful dill pickles, i think we will try this in our next batch! Hmmm, now to find fresh grape leaves… (Although we pride ouselves on the crispiness of our own pickles but we’re always interested in hearing/sharing other methods…)

Thank you Selina! And Thank you Katya, for bringing your out-of-town friend Selina to the farm! Hope to see you back soon!


One Response to “Secret Ingredient to Keep Pickles Crisp”

  1. Selina Says:

    Thanks for the GREAT honey! I’m enjoying it in my morning tea hear in Washington!

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