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Anyone interested in the contemporary back-to-the-land movement should definitely know about Scott Nearing.  An economics professor, Nearing decided to give it all up in 1932 when he came under fire for his socialist ideas and the Great Depression hit.  He and his wife Helen purchased some land in the Vermont woods setting out to conduct a totally self-sustained lifestyle.  In his many books Nearing describes the importance of living debt free off the land, through barter and/or through a cash crop (in their case, maple sugar).  He writes about living as vegetarians without the burden of caring for animals, how to build your own structures, and about the Nearings [unsuccessful] efforts to develop cooperatives with the neighbors.  The Nearings’ experiment was studied at the time, rediscovered during the 1960s, and today lives on in the form of The Goodlife Center, located on the site of the Nearings’ second farm in Maine. .

—renee montgomery


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