It’s Winter; time to get your organic amendments in while we still have rain coming before Spring.  An excellent amendment-the best- that we’ve been using here for over forty years is composted, weed-free,
 organic,steer manure.  These 2 cu. ft., 56 lb. bags you can have delivered from local suppliers, or you can purchase 1 cu. ft. bags from Do It Center, et al.  Another amendment, Organic Crumbles,   is also excellent as they can be added to soil and it breaks down slowly over time,also available locally.
Get it all down before the rains work it in to your soil the best you can and cover with organic stable compost if you have it. This willkeep the nitrogen in the soil. Also if you have tough rooty weeds like Bermuda grass around trees, a heavy (six inches deep) application of steermanure will burn out all weeds but not hurt the tree’s roots.  

Always remember, never forget :
“All that is IS ALIVE !  And THE VITAL at ZUMA is called VITALZUMAN!”


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