Vital Zuman Organic Farm has hosted well-over 200 Wwoofers from every continent since the program’s beginning in the States in 2001.  We’ve seen the Wwoof handbook of farms grow from a couple of casual pages to text book size with hundreds of listings.

You want to Wwoof at Vital Zuman ?  These are the things you need to know :

You need to be self-contained with your own tent, sleeping bag,  toiletries, simply kitchen utensils, bathroom utensils including towls, flashlight, a couple pair of sturdy shoes,and warm wear for cold days or nights. We work seven hours each day, 1 and 1/2 days off weekly. Time before and after shifts in all yours.  Bus stop,shops, supermarket, gas station, post office, beach, hiking trails, etc. all a stone’s throw.  You will be given a peaceful and private area for your tent for best relaxation and sleep in off hours. Special prepared meal by farm chef daily at 5pm. All you can eat, and food available for making your own meals for breakfast, lunch, or breaks.  We stock for, harvest, and prepare for any kind of diet. Short showers in service portch of community house, or shower at beach.  You need to notify farm whenever you leave or return to the property during off hours.  Curfew is 10pm. No drugs, alcohol, or smoking permitted here at any time.  This is a sincere, fun-loving, hard-working, and full-on-ag-enviroment in an awesomely beautiful, clean, and organic environment ; it’s OK to bliss-out while working in orchards or fields.  Send Wwoof inquiries directly to me, Alan G. Cunningham, VITALZUMAN, at vitalzuman@earthlink.net or call me personally at 310 924-2210


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