SAY IT : GARLIC ! Veteran Vital Zuman Volunteers And Malibu Garlic Cultivation !


Veteran volunteers Sarah and Lisa came to the farm on Saturday, along with friends Chris and Brad. They did a fine job planting garlic .

If you would like to volunteer come along on Saturday mornings at 10 am, call ahead and let us know your coming on 310 924 2210. All volunteers leave with some produce. 

Garlic : The master companion crop ! Vital Zuman plants hundreds of pounds of garlic each year, mostly in the late Fall and Winter. Beds of greens and root vegetables are also companion planted with garlic to protect them from pests (very few creatures will eat or attack garlic).  Some simple and very abundant tips about cultivating Garlic : you can either plant the entire garlic bulb in which case you’ll have some incredible “Garlic scallions” for soups, salads, or stir-fry in about four weeks, or you can break up the bulbs into the cloves and plant the cloves about four inches apart and about an inch deep (the pointed end points up to the sky). Having planted cloves you can harvest this crop anywhere from a few weeks in the ground (as green garlic of varying sizes dependant on time in the ground) or wait nine to twelve months until the leaves turn brown which produces a full-grown, mature garlic bulb for immediate use, dry storage, or garlic braids. Everybody loves Garlic !


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