Bringin’ Home My Baby Bumblebee—–Buzzz, Buzzz


Bringin’ Home My Baby Bumble Bee—-The bees at Vital Zuman are VERY BUSY this winter. They become especially active when the weather is sunny and not too windy. They are picking up pollen on the newly blooming sour grass and way up high in the eucalyptus trees, which are also in flowering bloom.  We leave a little well water running all the time in this mostly dry winter we are having ;  two, leaky, field waterlines, left unrepaired, provide wildlife of all kinds a much needed drink of mineral-rich and chlorine-free well water. The bees can be seen by the hundreds, sharing this clean, clear water. They are making the best, pure

Dressed for Honey Harvest Jesus and Becky; Beekeepers

Harvesting Honey at Vital Zuman Farm

honey to be found anywhere, with their abundant supply of flowers and clean water. On sale now at the farm stand, or call and order delivery, or shipped anywhere in the world; Call 310-924-2210


One Response to “Bringin’ Home My Baby Bumblebee—–Buzzz, Buzzz”

  1. Lynn; Customer of The Best Produce in The World! Says:

    Super Cool, I want some today!

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