Here at Vital Zuman, Malibu Grange, we do two productions of pumpkins annually ; one seeded in Spring for spiced Summer soup, Bar-B-Q-marinated pumpkin meat filletts, and Summer pumpkin pies.   The other, larger seeding, in Summer for Fall Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter holiday foods and celebration.  We only seed and produce heavy, super-dense, super-nutritious, eating pumpkins.  This year we are growing classic, European, heirloom pumpkins exclusively ;  flat and heavily-ribbed  “Cinderella” and “Fairy Tale” varieties. Anywhere from 5 to 35 lbs. in weight, avering about 20 lbs each.  Beee-yooo-ti ful decor, and awesome food !

I like to refer to all our pumpkins and winter squashes as “VITAL ZUMAN GIANT FIELD NUTS”, as these vegetables are super heavy, super nutritious, and properly cleaned and stored, can last for years as an amazing, ready, long-term food supply. The more they age, the more dense and resonous they become. These pumpkins can be used for Halloween decoration, but are not carving pumpkins ; they are real food.  You paint decorations on these animals with non-toxic paint, then  they are used for baking and pumpkin pie. 

Much more later on the amazing pumpkin as food source ; we’ve just seen the surface here.

Alan G. Cunningham,  “Vital Zuman”.   Master, Malibu Grange.  310 924-2210. vitalzuman@earthlink.net  alanmalibu@aol.com


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