Vital Zuman Organic Farm is one of the oldest continuously-running Organic Farms and Farm Markets in the country. Begun in 1955 by George H. and Alice L. Cunningham and family, it occupies six acres in West Malibu, on picturesque Zuma Mesa, and is located at the intersection of Fig Tree Ranch Road and P.C.H, opposite the highway from Heathercliff, one half mile south of Zuma Beach.

With its history of over fifty years of constant, organic, seasonal composting, rototilling, and chlorine-free irrigation, the Farm boasts some of the finest, nutrient-rich topsoil on the planet. Vital Zuman features three main orchards containing over three hundred fruit trees of many varieties, expansive berry patches, twenty bee hives, three acres of seasonal vegetable production, and its own three hundred foot deep well.

The on-site Vital Zuman Farm Market is located at the front of the Farm at the intersection of Fig Tree Ranch Road and PCH.  The market is currently open 6 days a week, noon to 6pm and closed on Tuesdays.  the Market features an abundant array of same day harvested seasonal fruit and vegetables along with raw honey, pickles, jams, gourmet seasonings, specialty beverages, and various farm specialty items. The Farm Market also operates as Malibu’s Organic Food Co-op trading with a number of other, local organic farms as well as backyard Malibu growers.

Vital Zuman has an active educational field trip program bugun in 1998, and has hosted hundreds of classes from both public and private schools, including two years of weekly field trips as a collaborative effort of the SMMUSD and the Santa Maonica Farmers Market Staff. The Farm’s unique and signature field trips teach introductory and hands-on planting, harvesting, plant identification, and soil management for elementary school children.

The Farm is also an active WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) host farm and has sponsored over two hundred WWOOF Interns in the last decade. This site’s information will be updated over time. For more details or questions contact farmer and Farm owner, Alan G. Cunningham.

Visit our Website for more Information: www.vitalzuman.com/


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