If you have a Farm you need to have Farm Cats ; that’s just the way it is. Cats give you a different and unique perspective on everything going on in the day.  I walked up to the garage side-door of the main community house yesterday to see Bitsy sitting  poised, alone (apparantly), aloof, and happy.  Walking a forward little more I noticed that Tawdy had her by the neck trying to do the romantic cat equivilant of chocolate and roses on her. That Tawdy is always into mischief !  If he’s not dragging in a gopher, he’s chasing Bitsy, if he’s not chasing Bitsy, he’s crying for a can of little Friskies, if it’s not that he’s crying because he wants to get in on the daily conversation with the Farm crew but doesn’t speak English (yet), not that, he’s wants to know why he’s not allowed in the house to mark his territory, not that, he’s down at the Farm Market wondering why there’s so many people on “his” farm.  We’ve created a monster because he knows his Daddy’s got his back !    The trick on Tawdy however is that it looks like Bitsy may have been fixed as a little kitten as she doesn’t seem to think there’s any kind of program with poor Tawdy, let alone getting with the program.  Looks like we need another (fertile) female kitty for Tawdy to fulfill his destiny. 

Next installment : Tawdy and neighbor dog team up to corner rabbitts in the main field.


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