It’s Spring and time to do the final pruning in the orchards. This means we’ll have tons of Fig and Mulberry cuttings for potting or to put directly into the ground. “Why Spring pruning ? I thought you were supposted to prune in Winter only”. This is an occcasional question at VZ.  We begin our pruning in Winter, however for many trees, especially porous, soft wood trees, waiting for Spring allows one to see the direction the tree wants to take with its develolpment that year, i.e. where it’s concentrating its energy, allowing us to promote the tree along the lines that it naturally desires for itself.  In Spring, we can easily see which parts are quickly leafing out and and which are not and do the pruning accordingly.

By the way, we routinely pot 2 to 6 foot Mulberry and Fig Tree starters and not only will they “take” immediately but they will grow, set fruit, and give fully ripe fruit the same year.  Is this common everywhere ?  I don’t know.  It’s common here but then we have very excellent organic soil developed over a period of half a century.  Want Mulberry or Fig Starters ?  See us at the Farm Market, open daily 10am to 6pm (closed Wednesdays). We’ll see you up here.


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