Wild-farming first time volunteers, Iris Savir and Alexandra Johnson, lit up the Farm Monday with helping hands and good vibes.

In the words of Ms. Savir :

“I’ve done composting on Kibbutzim in Israel for many years and I’ll say that the topsoil here at Vital Zuman in Malibu is rare earth indeed. It has a rich, vital, enrapturing  fragrance, and a feel that one needs to encounter oneself to fully appreciate.  This is a soil condition no doubt attained by decades of faithful composting and loving devotion. We moved and breathed today surrounded by living beets, collard greens, wild mustard, spinach, lettuce, garlic, dill, parsnips, kale, and arugula.

Later, hands still in this singular soil, we were surprised by farm intern and chef Chris advancing towards us holding two cups ; fresh pumpkin soup  just made with Vital Zuman pumpkins and other secret, fresh-harvested ingredients !   The taste of this soup was amazing and combined with the reality and fragrance of the soil, created for us a once in a lifetime supersensual farm experience, one we won’t ever forget.

We found Alan, the Farmer, and all the interns to be very warm, open, welcoming, and approachable.  If we we had any hesitation to again drive  a distance to day-volunteer at this amazing farm, well it all ended Monday, February 21st, in the fields of Vital Zuman with soup and soil !”

Alexandra Johnson :

“The farm occupies a stunning bluff in Malibu above Pacific Coast Highway.  We were greeted warmly, signed the register, and met some truly earthy earthlings.  I personally love weeding-call me crazy-but I love the end result of clearing away beds and helping the land ready for new planting. I slept great that night !”


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