Feline field hunting, mating, farm internship, coyotes, and small prey identification (“Look what the cat dragged in !  What the heck is it?”)  Thus begins the saga of Toddy and Bitsy. 

Tawdy caught a gopher today, cleaned  it (i.e. gutted the carcas and put them to the side) and gave it to Bitsy, who quickly devoured it.  Gophers are the cats favorite rodents to eat as their flesh, a product of pure,clean, root eating, is high-quality and clean tasting compared with rats, mice, or squirrels. Tawdy and Bitsy like each other and work as a team, both to catch prey and to garner attention from their humans. After she ate her gopher, he went out and got another one  for himself. Good Kitty !


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